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Pondering politeness in #fedwikihappening

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So for some reason i found myself wondering if the rules of politeness change in things like wikis and even more so (but differently) on fedwiki

Let me sort of explain. Recently i mentioned to some ppl how i disliked a lack of “track changes ” in google docs (fortunately they have the feature now as “suggested edits” but it only works on a computer not Android /iOS) – annoying because i do a lot of collab writing on it, often w multiple ppl so the only polite way to edit was to comment – which can get annoying really fast.
Wikis in general don’t do that. But for some reason i feel like fedwiki should allow it in some form.
Forking someone else’s page and making it your own – it reminds me a lot about first week of #rhizo14 and cheating as learning? Not in an unethical way but in the sense of messing up attribution. Alan is right that ppl are mostly just adding comments at the bottom politely. But later if ppl start working on sthg together it could get interesting

But look:
A. You don’t ask permission to fork but u don’t generally ask permission to quote someone else’s book article or blogpost – wholesale is another issue.
B. You don’t get to know who forked you unless you keep going back to your pages to see updates in the favicons (love those little squares)
C. You don’t get a polite way to comment in-text
D. You don’t get a polite way to highlight your edits so original author or others can choose to accept or reject them ONE BY ONE. YOu have to fork wholesale

So i recently got annoyed as Alan and I seemed to be editing the same doc and i forked and edited thej saw he did more edits before i saved. So now there was a version i had with one Alan edit and one Maha edit and another version w 2 Alan edits and no Maha. In the end i chose to copy/paste my own simple text into the version of two Alan edits.  But if it was more work it would SUCK! Am i right? Forking annoying

P.S. Fork 🍴 icon from phone

4 thoughts on “Pondering politeness in #fedwikihappening

    1. Alyson, so sorry about the mean rejection – if you spent time on it and think it is good, publish it elsewhere – find another place that accepts similar length papers, and go for it, incorporating only feedback that makes sense to you.
      Re fedwiki stuff, don’t be hard on yourself because :
      A. Most of us went thru what ur going thru including me who started earlier and Alan who is v tech savvy too
      B. All of us did the commenting thing – just being polite and moving slowly
      C. I too have issues watching lots of vids so that slows down my progress sometimes but i can’t help it. I have moee hours than other ppl coz i work while playing w my daughter but that means low-attention text-only stuf or else i can’t pay attention properly to HER. I also don’t sleep much but i can’t go around playing video while the house sleeps (headphones not good coz i might miss if my kid wakes up). So there is that 😉
      Loving getting to know u thru this. We’ll get there eventually

    2. Oh and one more thing: some of the stuff u all started by knowing is stuff i discovered while teaching myself and rold Mike about, so ppl like us who do that actually help the teacher scaffold for others. And asking questions like yours helps Mike see how it all appears to a newbie. It is ALL GOOD

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