Things Come Together: #DigiWriMo Comes to AUC

It’s not often that my virtual “work” directly collides with my f2f work (it happens indirectly all the time

Perspective: Everything Not For Everyone

My daughter was playing on this Android app called Sketch yesterday, coloring in this image of zoo animals (the text is mine,


(I started my blog as a professional one, but through experiments like #ReadMake, #TvsZ and #DigiWriMo I found myself enjoying

Storyjumpers 3: Spying on My Neighbor

(This is part three of a Storyjumper activity for Digital Writing Month, where we are handing off stories to each other on blo

We All Need Champions – My Writing Champions

So Digital Writing Month #DigiWriMo is about to start and I am both excited and terrified! I am excited to be co-facilitating

@dogtrax rocks

This is my first WP post from my phone I just wanted to say Kevin Hodgson (dogtrax) rocks Not only has he been doing cartoons

On Weaning and Learning and Independence

Today’s roughly the anniversary of the day I weaned my child. I say roughly because I weaned her the night before Thanks

#TvsZ 6.0 – student feedback from Cairo

I just came out of class with my students. Note that this is only the SECOND official class I have had with them, but because

#TvsZ 6.0 Egyptian style

I’m going to start writing this post but not publish it until after I meet my students today. They might say something t

It’s work, it’s a game… It’s #TvsZ

It was kind of (but not really) funny trying to explain #TvsZ to my husband the other day. Let’s ignore the fact that yo