What Counts for #et4buddy w @rjhogue?

Been thinking all day of a post that works for both rhizo15 and et4buddy and i got inspired by browsing around the recent stuf

Day 1 of #et4online – backstories behind #et4buddy hangouts

Day 1 of #et4online was an exhilirating experience, thanks to the generosity of a lot of awesome people. The backstory behind

Presentations to Total Strangers & Total Friends

April is a funny month for me… 4 different venues to present in the space of one week!!! I’ve been asked to do two

#et4buddy Pilot Project at #et4online – how ideas are born w @rjhogue & me

By Rebecca J. Hogue and Maha Bali (also published on Rebecca’s blog here) Maha: So i am now definitely NOT going to et4o

Why #et4online Unconference #unet4online – Meet @Jessifer

One of the main reasons I want to go to #et4online this year is the unconference (more info here). It’s also, strangely,

Another reason to go to #et4online – meet @gardnercampbell

This is another post in my series of reasons to go to the #et4online conference this year. Gardner Campbell will be a plenary

A reason to go to #et4online 2015 – meet @BonStewart

The Call for Proposals for #et4online has just opened up (open til Dec 1), and I’ve decided to write a series of posts o

Multidimensional connecting

The idea for this post came to me while reading Randy Bass’s piece “Disrupting Ourselves: the problem of learning

100 blogposts later…

I realized a few posts ago that I was approaching my 100th blogpost and tweeted about it. This is one response I got… &q

Moving in now – reclaiming my own domain

Hello and welcome to my new self-hosted Reflecting Allowed blog 🙂 I have just moved in – thanks to the ease of import