On Twitter as Scholarship

I started my day with this awesomely subversive article by Jesse Stommel, in which he storifies tweets over several years, all

Talking about hacking my PhD thesis for #clmooc

Ok, I say “for” #clmooc, but of course it’s for myself inspired by #clmooc. I am inspired here by Michael We

The Affective Dimension of (Online) Collaborative Writing

You know there’s something interesting going on when you’ve been thinking of something all day, wondering why you

#rhizo14 Sustenance for a Compulsive Writer with Impostor Syndrome

I’ve been wanting to write about my compulsive writing (I know, compulsive, right?) and impostor syndrome (the latter me

This Is How We Do It: coloring our vision?

A couple of incidents have triggered this post. I might be wrong in judging that the root cause behind them is an unreflective

Never stop thinking. Never stop writing

Just a short blog post reflecting on something: people keep referring to me as a prolific blogger. I take it they’re imp

Writing ourselves into history; righting history (inspired by @Mark_Mcguire & #write4pro)

I started my day by this incredible tweet by my twitter-buddy Mark McGuire. I loved it so much I kept going back to it several

On Pedagogical Peer Review & @hybridped

I have been wanting to write my views about open peer review for a while, but thought to wait until i experienced it firsthand

Academic blogging revisited: Thinking, writing, action

This post is a confluence of several “coincidences” related to the value of thinking and writing and the value of

Teaching as Giving, Writing as Giving

This post is inspired by a facebook discussion about my previous post “We are Nerds“. Friend of mine pointed out t


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