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#FedWikiHappening – really happening

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes, 34 seconds

So Mike gave us some basic instructions this morning and told us to try to do what we normally do on the web, but to do it on FedWiki.

So even though i posted on my blog this morning, I spent a lot of time doing Fed Wiki. And I learned to fork after a few false starts. But i still like my blog, u know? And still it has an audience beyond fedwiki which feels a bit ‘closed’ right now (tho it is actually “open”). So this post is also for ppl not part of the “happening” at the moment.

My morning buddy was Nick who’s in Spain so we had time to collaborate before others woke up. We sent a #rhizo14 CAE thing back n forth. I wrote sthg, he forked and edited, i forked it back to respond to a question. I learned two ways of forking that work and one that doesn’t. Useful info!

I avoided Chrome (had bad bad bad experiences with it last week) so used Firefox at work, Safari on iPad on 3G and wifi, Chrome on phone (works fine actually!). The double-clicking doesn’t work well on touch screens so i used markup which with a couple small tricks works really well for adding but not editing text on Android/iOS.

I also used Firefox at home (1Mbps DSL) and iPad/Android from home. Coz Xperia z3 screen isn’t too big, i used “open in new tab” rather than the beautiful way FedWiki normally opens.

It got really interesting when Mike Caulfield posted a really interesting link for me, which I HAD TO FORK and then there was another one i wanted to cross-link so that motivated me to discover forking properly. So I figured it out (that i have to fork from within not to try to claim someone else’s site) and seconds later Mike tells me one way, Jason another (Jason and Nick used drag but can’t do that on iPad)

I now realize why doing it alone last week was nearly useless. Well it was useful coz it made me more comfy today but useless coz there wasn’t much interesting stuff to do! Now there is! It’s now kinda like a MOOC in a new space where it,s easy-ish to cross-link to each other’s stuff and check updates.

Things I Don’t Like
1. Wish i had notifications for ppl who fork me. Now we notify on twitter – kinda weird?
2. I get all sorts of loading errors even on my own bio page and even my text-only journal page.
3. My Recent Changes don’t always load well. Often just displays local not neighborhood but if i leave it long enough it gets there

The cutest thing is those favicons. Colored gradient squares. They move around a lot when sthg is happening (ppl editing? Unsure). I a, starting to know certain people’s colors now 🙂

Looking forward to more! I feel so geeky. This is what I did today instead of read a novel or watch TV!

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