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I decided to have a section of resources on my blog, but since I don’t yet have a particular breakdown of the resources, I am calling this section “ReadThis”. These are links to certain resources I refer to frequently on my blog and in my life anyway, so it’s also useful for me to keep all the links in one place 🙂 Right now, it’s got only articles, not books…

Introduction to Curriculum Theory – one of the most valuable things I learned about in my PhD was curriculum theory (will always be thankful to my supervisor for suggesting it) – if interested, follow up on the references in that article, particularly Cornbleth and Grundy, as well as Stenhouse. Kelly provides a good textbook-style intro if you want scaffolding or to use it with younger students.

Beyond Rigor is one of my favorite articles of all-time, for how it challenges traditional notions of what constitutes rigor in academic work.

Other favorite Hybrid Pedagogy articles include: Kris Shaffer’s Three Lines of Resistance and Open Letter to My Students. On Syllabi, I love Adam Heidebrink-Bruno’s Syllabus as Manifesto: A Critical Approach to Classroom Culture ; and I love two Chris Friend articles that are really mind-opening for me: Learning to Let Go: Listening to Students in Discussion & Finding My Voice as a Minority Teacher (paradigm-shifter for me)

For a complex discussion of power, I love Burbules, especially A Theory of Power in Education

For a complicated poststructuralist view of critical pedagogy, I have read and re-read and re-re-read Ellsworth, Why Doesn’t This Feel Empowering?

I love Michael Apple’s, Ron Barnett’s, Edward Said’s and Jon Nixon’s writing but need to find one that’s an article not a book, to share 🙂 I also love bell hooks and Martha Nussbaum – but again, books not articles.

Will post more soon…

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