Cultivating Our Seeds at Institutions #oeglobal18 #unicollab2018 #rp18

I was in a Virtually Connecting session recently from #OEglobal where Robin DeRosa was a virtual guest… We had invited h

Coming up at #OER17

With no laptop and a wrapped-up thumb (as if no laptop wasn’t bad enough), I am really excited and looking forward to OE

Post #OpenedSIG Webinar, Pre #OER17 #OpenEducationWk

This morning, I had the honor of being a guest with the warm and welcoming Teresa Mackinnon on an #OpenEdSIG webinar that̵

Fixing the shirt but spoiling the trousers #OER17 Open Call for Your Stories!

So I am finally getting around to solidifying (inasmuch as someone like me can solidify something this far ahead of its date)

Thinking vs Writing vs Talking: keynote edition 

Dominique Joseph is a gem. She shared this post with me and something totally clicked in my head. The gist of what W

Are We Spectators or Actors?

​(this blogpost is influenced by recent discussions with friends from my digped community – i say “my” bec

Connotations of Open in Arabic

So I just felt like writing a blogpost about connotations of Open in Arabic.  The first two things that came to mind are

Imagining and Visualizing Little Miss Open and Mr. Open #openlearning17 #oer17

I have been doing a lot of reading and thinking ahead of #oer17 but what I am reading MOST are books to my little kid each nig

Some Open Questions for #OpenLearning17

They say when one door closes, another opens (or a window, maybe). But we don’t usually talk about how sometimes openin

On Noticing Absence (also #OER17)

These days I am thinking a LOT about noticing absence. This is inspired by 3 things: a quote from a book, my child’s res