Pragmatism and Idealism in Real Life

Can idealism and pragmatism ever meet? I like to hope so, but that the idealist talking. The pragmatist is skeptical. flickr p

Listening to “Bad” Students Can Make Us Better Pedagogues

Ok ok. I truly loathe the term “Bad” student. I don’t label my students like that. A more accurate descripti

A is for Authentic (hacking ADDIE for #moocmooc)

So as part of #moocmooc Instructional Design (MMID) one of week 1’s activities is to hack ADDIE. I put some ideas in the

Messing About with Instructional Design, ADDIE & Bloom

Gosh I can’t believe the day has finally come to bash critically and creatively unpack the assumptions behind instructio

On Different Perspectives: White vs Blue

The whole white/gold vs blue/black dress controversy (which i first heard about during the last #moocmooc hangout has got me t

Expanding our Imagination

Ana Salter’s visit and her keynote, as well as side conversations with her and listening to her interact with students&n

A Game By Any Other Name

Today we had the most fun half-day meeting at our department. We were sitting to design a faculty development game (Nadine and

Beauty of Evolving Google Docs

Did u ever look at a google doc full of the evolution of your ideas with a group of ppl and think it was a thing of beauty in

Coloring Outside the Lines

Been reading a novel where they kept using the expression “coloring outside the lines” during the same time weR

The Hundred Languages (Reggio) Approach

Alex Fink just shared this awesome poem with me, and i just fell in love. I’m quoting almost half of it here because it&