Q&A with @DaveCormier for @JPDUoB

Would you like to participate in a Q&A with Dave Cormier? I am conducting an interview with Dave Cormier for the Journal o

Hangout continued: reflections after-the-event

This is my way of continuing the conversation that started in y/day”‘s #rhizo14 hangout… It was the most 

What’s so special about @davecormier’s (or “our”) #rhizo14?

A few things I have been reading today around #rhizo14 have made me reflect on a few things that seem obvious but are not usua

Riddle: Opportunity for Rhizomatic Curriculum

Talk about an opportunity to apply rhizomatic learning! I was planning to make my class more of a “community as curricul

Body of Knowledge, or Embodied Knowledge? On theory, reading, privilege and #rhizo14

I am compelled to write this post quickly before I pick up my daughter from daycare. I need to write this post. First off R

Independence as Essential for Lifelong Learning

So this is my first go at the #rhizo14 Week 2 Challenge, but it also has elements of sustainable learning (useful for #flsusta

Rhizomes even bigger than I thought? #rhizo14

I have just had an intimate meeting with a group of people I had never met from a different university (and some had not even

Is this what rhizomatic learning is? #rhizo14

It has happened three times in less than 24 hours. I have thought of something, considered blogging about it, only to find som

Why #rhizo14?

I am writing this post as my first for #rhizo14, introducing myself and stating my goals for taking this course (though I have