6. Professional Development

Conferences Attended

I have attended conferences in which I have keynoted (you can find them here)

I cannot keep up with the ones I attend virtually, but ones I attended in person (outside my own institution’s events) include

  • OER18, Bristol
  • Digital Pedagogy Lab Institute, Fredericksburg 2017 (track co-teacher and co-keynote)
  • OER17, London (keynote)
  • AMICAL 2016, Rome
  • E-Learning Africa, 2016, Cairo
  • Digital Pedagogy Lab Cairo 2016 (organizer)
  • ALTC 2015, Manchester
  • Nile TESOL Conference (several)
  • Online Learning Conference (virtual)
  • Blended Learning Conference (virtual)
  • Emerging Technologies for Online Learning (virtual) – awarded top virtual participant

MOOCs & other open online events

Actively Participated In

  • Upcoming – invited speaker in #HumanMOOC, Mar 2015
  • #moocmooc (co-facilitator – Spring 2015)
  • #FedWikiHappening (this was an invitation-only intimate event to test out the implications of a new web-thinking-platform called #FedWiki that has potential to revolutionize the way we do the web and wikis).
  • #DigiWriMo (was invited to write guest post for Digital Writing Month)
  • #CCourses (started as participant then invited to be co-facilitator where I helped design activities to involve participants more in their learning)
  • #TvsZ 4.0 (participant – summer 2014) and #TvsZ 6.0 (co-facilitator – November 2014)
  • #clmooc (summer 2014)
  • #FutureEd (Spring 2014)
  • #rhizo14 (Spring 2014)
  • #edcmooc (Fall 2013)

(less actively for the below MOOCs – meaning engaged with some weeks but not others)

  • #Scholar14
  • #WhyOpen
  • #OCTEL
  • #Blendkit2014

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