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Explaining Palestine to a 9 Year Old

I spent some time yesterday trying to explain Palestine to people who meant well but understood very little about the Palestin

About Palestine

I’m no political expert, but Palestine is in my heart and what happens there makes my heart bleed. It’s ongoing wi

Prayer, soft deadlines and makeups

Watching my daughter learn to make daily prayer a habit has inspired my to think about the power of soft deadlines and makeups

Intentionally Equitable Hospitality & Liberating Structures

Keith McCandless, co-creator of the Liberating Structures invited me to contribute around 300 words as part of a larger articl

On Privilege & Sharing Power

I have a personal experience that I think can be used as a metaphor for privilege and power, but I need to brush up on my read

Roumy Cheese Analogy – First Draft of Visual (feedback welcome)

So I kind of spent some time making my own Roumy Cheese analogy visual. Here it is below… I made a last minute change to

Swiss Cheese Analogy for COVID-19 – Rumi Cheese Analogy for Inclusive Education

I recently came across this wonderful interactive Swiss Cheese Analogy for COVID-19 protections on the BBC site (here is a sti

Walking: Why Drive When You Can Walk?

“No need to drive if you want your place on earth to be a world you can encompass walking.” (bell hooks, Belonging

Pedagogy of Care – Caring for Teachers 

“Committed acts of caring let all students know that the purpose of education is not to dominate, or prepare them to be domi

Tips by @AUC Students for Teaching/Learning Online (esp during Ramadan)

In class today, I asked students to vote on what they wanted to talk about for the day, and we worked on a Google doc together


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