Plain Rice Hospitality

I’ve got a notion in my head, about conceiving of hospitality with the metaphor of plain rice. Egyptians, when they have

#MYFest22: Joy, Connections, Transformative Learning… and FOMO

Sometimes you envision something and design in a certain way, and then the reality is not what you expected. In the case of #M

#MYFest22 Challenging Conference Exclusions

I came across a post by Ann Gagne entitled “Pedagogy of Complicity” where she critiques f2f conferences especially

One Explanation for the Delay in Treatment of Nonwhite Patients with COVID-19 (And What Educators Can Learn from It)

“A retrospective analysis of over 7,000 patients with COVID-19 found that pulse oximeter devices — tools that measure

Humanitarian Colonialism

I’ve been in several different situations recently where I’ve seen people talk about what I’ve also recently

Finding Joy and #MYFest22

I recently participated in a session by Academic Impressions focused on rediscovering joy at work in the midst of burnout and

The Best Last Class Ever: Flowers, Chocolates, and Reimagining

Anyone who knows me well knows I always start the semester loving my students before I meet them. This seems odd, but I knew t

I’m a Cactus (poem)

This post is a poem I actually wrote May 3rd, when I first joined the Seed+Spark community. I’m scheduling the post to a

A Poem for Coral Reefs

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m reaaaaaally into biomimicry (learning from nature, metaphors of nature that can h

Discussing the Quran with My 10 year-old

tl;dr I started reading Quran with my child and she asked me to explain the meanings, and I discovered that I’m actually


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