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Alyson, so sorry about the mean rejection – if you spent time on it and think it is good, publish it elsewhere – find another place that accepts similar length papers, and go for it, incorporating only feedback that makes sense to you.
Re fedwiki stuff, don’t be hard on yourself because :
A. Most of us went thru what ur going thru including me who started earlier and Alan who is v tech savvy too
B. All of us did the commenting thing – just being polite and moving slowly
C. I too have issues watching lots of vids so that slows down my progress sometimes but i can’t help it. I have moee hours than other ppl coz i work while playing w my daughter but that means low-attention text-only stuf or else i can’t pay attention properly to HER. I also don’t sleep much but i can’t go around playing video while the house sleeps (headphones not good coz i might miss if my kid wakes up). So there is that 😉
Loving getting to know u thru this. We’ll get there eventually