Encouraging Imperfection, Embracing Not-yetness, Almost-thereness

I took a huge risk today with my students. I had them take the educational games they designed, and I asked them to play them

Re-Thinking Twitter Scavenger Hunt

I had a heavy dose of reality y/day as I read students’ blogposts on the Twitter Scavenger Hunt. It occurred to me befor

We Don’t Need No Academic Articles by White Men

This week Dave Cormier asks us to reflect on “content is people” and to consider the myth of content. Uhh this doe

A Different (Authentic?) Approach to Reading and Feedback

So for my educational game design class I’m trying something new this semester. Here’s the gist: 1. No assigned re

Community-building Game Idea

I thought I would get feedback on this budding Community-building game idea i have for my undergrad edu game design class. I u

A Game By Any Other Name

Today we had the most fun half-day meeting at our department. We were sitting to design a faculty development game (Nadine and

Revised & Hacked Jeopardy Game: Edu Game Design

I’m thinking of modifying my “name the game game” jeopardy game which I used to use before, and merging it w

Changes to my Edu Game Design module this semester

I need to update my syllabus for this Spring. I am tagging this #moocmooc as well because I am trying to think of agency as we

Presenting: My Student’s Educational Games

Today was the last day of my educational game design module. It should be a wonderful day, because students are so proud of wh

Motivation: Learning theory, Gaming theory

I’m really excited that we’re having a kind of “journal/book club” thing in my department today, and t