Flipping the Microcredentialing Conversation

Yesterday, in an interview with someone asking about my expertise in online learning and Women’s empowerment, I found my

Speaking Today: Negotiating Equitable Systems for Open Ed (Dec 5) at #OASymp2019

Today is my third invited session at a conference in South Africa this year. It is particularly gratifying and humbling to spe

Open Web Stories – for DMLL @ Coventry

So, I’ve been asked by Daniel Villar-Onrubia to write my story to contribute to the open web stories that they’re

The Private & Tangential Behind Public & Open

Seeing this 2015 re-cap by Jesse Stommel prompted this post. I write my own for my blog and for my annual faculty report for w

The Trouble with Time-Limited Discussion of eLearning

i went to an event today where there was a panel discussion about the potential of eLearning for Egypt. The panelists gave me

In the Space of a Public Hangout

Yesterday I felt great during and after what I consider to be one of the most valuable and enioyable hangouts I have ever help

Behind: Emerging Trends in Open Scholarship

Monday July 20, I am co-facilitating a connectedlearning.tv session that we’ve entitled Emerging Trends in Open Scholars

Listening slowly, A+ and Social Media

We all know some people talk too fast (or slow) but is it possible to listen too slowly? When I was an undergrad, I had the pr

Embracing Paradox: Both/And Mentality and Postmodernism

Some days you find yourself in multiple conversations and you find a common thread between them that you feel compelled to lin

Learning with Passion, and a Social Justice View

I just listened to an awesome TTT hangout and read two great articles, and have some ideas i wanna implementing my class and n