4. Teaching

I currently teach a course on digital literacies and intercultural learning. You can find aggregated student blogs, some of my assignments and activities, the syllabus, and other things related to the course at http://diglit.creativitycourse.org

Photo of me teaching Educational Game Design – Copyright AUC, used with permission

In the past, I taught two kinds of credit-bearing courses: ed tech for teachers and Educational Game Design

I have recently been listed as one of the best digital teachers!

Below are some teaching material I have used in various courses

For-Credit Teaching (non-credit teaching is on another page)

Digital Identities and Digital Literacies in an Intercultural Context

Course website, with activities, link to slides, and student blogposts aggregated all here. The course has a Soliya web-based intercultural dialogue component. Course info and syllabi available at: http://diglit.creativitycourse.org/about. Some of my in-class activities are available for others to re-use in this Google Document. http://bit.ly/MBActivities
Creativity & Creative Problem-Solving

I teach the “Educational Game Design Module” of the Creativity & Creative Problem Solving undergraduate course.

The course website which contains aggregated student blogs starting Fall 2014 is here and here are the Fall 2016 syllabus and Spring 2016 here.

My own blogging about the course is here; my blogging about educational games in general is here.

From Fall 2014 here is my section of the syllabus; my blogging about the Twitter Scavenger Hunt, #TvsZ game, Hack-a-thon, Liquefy the Syllabus assignment, reflections on Egyptian game designer guest lecture, and final educational games designed.

From Spring 2014 This was my first class activity: Maha Bali – Name the Game Game May 5 2014 Here is my blogpost after reading student reflections near end of semester.
Teacher Education

I started teaching in the Professional Educators Diploma in the educational technology track when it first started at the American University in Cairo in 2008. I have taught several of the courses, but the one I have taught most often, and which is closest to my heart, is the “Social, legal, ethical and human issues in educational technology” course. Here is my most recent syllabus.

Students’ Blogs from SPRING 2014










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