OER17 keynote

  • View the keynote live/recorded here that’s the OER17 official site and YouTube channel)
  • View and comment on Google slides– I will respond to comments asynchronously (will add link just before I go live)
  • If you’re willing to give me overall feedback on the keynote, please use this form: http://bit.ly/oer17maha

P.S. No comments on simplicity of slides, please. I intentionally designed them simple so I could edit them on my phone at any time (traveling without laptop or iPad) and enough text there to allow conversations to happen around them beyond the live event). I also tried to make the slides accessible (probably a so-so job).

Slides also embedded here:


I added my slides the morning before my keynote before leaving home, sans laptoo because of laptop ban. The idea to post ahead was more as a stress reliever for myself (coz no laptop people). But I polled people and the majority encouraged me to post the slides. Here is the poll (at 71% yes, 9% whatevs and only 20% no – i figure the no voters will just not look).


After the conference was over, I storified the tweets that happened after/during my keynote (just searched my username and #oer17) and came up with this