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I am Professor of Practice at the Center for Learning & Teaching at the American University in Cairo (AUC). I am a full-time faculty developer. (For a more formal bio to use when you invite me to speak, please check out https://blog.mahabali.me/bio)


I teach digital literacies and intercultural learning to undergrads. I am currently co-facilitating Equity Unbound, an equity-focused, open, connected intercultural curriculum, with Catherine Cronin and Mia Zamora.

I have taught creative educational game design to undergrads (I used to also teach ed tech to teachers but haven’t done so for a few semesters now) and have done lots of open pedagogy. My 2020 Open Pedagogy project has been the development/curation of these Community-Building Resources for online learning during COVID-19 times

Public/Professional Service:

I’m co-founder & co-director of virtuallyconnecting.org, co-founder & co-facilitator of Edcontexts (now archived), editor at my favorite journal, Hybrid Pedagogy and I was a blogger at Prof Hacker, formerly at DML Central and I write a lot for Al-Fanar Media. I was also previously an International Director of Digital Pedagogy Lab. I am on the advisory boards of Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange and OneHE, as well as Harvard MetaLab’s AI Pedagogy Project.

In a nutshell: I’m a learnaholic, writeaholic & passionate open and connected educator. I tweet. A lot.@bali_maha I blog right here


I have a PhD in Education from the University of Sheffield in the UK (dissertation on development of critical thinking at AUC), and believe very strongly in critical/interpretive approaches to social research, especially participatory approaches such as collaborative autoethnography.

My research interests are quite diverse and include (links go to publications):

All of my publications are here

Recent awards and honors:

Other things…

In case you’re wondering, here is my NameCoach badge and here’s an old recording of how you pronounce my name.

My official faculty page is here.

My portfolio is here

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