Through the Kaleidoscope

My daughter walked into Hamley’s on Regent street while we were in London and was looking for a train I had promised her

Hugs, Handshakes & Heartache #altc & @vconnecting

I was in Manchester around 48 hours. But boy, were they packed. I’ve been struggling to write about this emotional, exhi

Embracing Paradox: Both/And Mentality and Postmodernism

Some days you find yourself in multiple conversations and you find a common thread between them that you feel compelled to lin

Scholarly Sweet Spots…or not?

Scholarly sweet spots. Nice alliteration, yeah? I have been thinking I found a couple of scholarly sweet spots lately… I

Embracing Emergence

Embracing emergence. This is something that’s being talked about simulataneously in different places (not sure if itR

Research idea: #rhizo15, Hospitality and Invasion?

I had a brainstorm as I was making breakfast so blogging it before it disappears. Would anyone be interested in exploring #rhi

Embracing learning subjectives is…

I started #rhizo15 with learning subjectives to embrace emergent learning, and with a plan not to over-participate as I am won

Of Clones and Colonies

As #hpj101 comes to an end, Sean Michael Morris reminds us that Hybrid Pedagogy isn’t looking for clones in their new ed

A Small Victory for Autoethnography in MOOCs

I had a small victory the other day. Good news in the midst of a difficult time in my personal life. I received official accep

Google Docs Collaborations: an amateur attempt to apply ANT analysis

I’m trying to understand Actor-Network Theory (ANT), and I have heard (and was not surprised) that reading the original