1.c. Keynotes and Invited Talks

Keynotes and Invited Talks


Kenyon College June 2022
ALDinHE keynote June 2022
University of Distance Education (UNED) Costa Rica, May 2022

OTESSA May 2022

Networked Learning Conference May 2022


(It has become difficult to constantly update this site, so it’s almost always out of date, or has gaps for certain months. I recently came up with a new way to help me curate! To check all my bitly’s!!)

Bali, M. (2022, March). Building equity and care together. SUNY Boyer Lecture. SUNY Empire. Slides: https://bit.ly/SUNYbali

Bali, M. (2022, March 17). Building community online with equity and care. TEALFest, Warwick, UK. [keynote]. Slides: https://bit.ly/TEALbali

Bali, M. (2022, March 11). Towards Openness that Promotes Social Justice [keynote]. Open Oregon OpenEdWeek keynote. Slides: https://bit.ly/openoregonbali. Video recording here.

Bali, M. (2022, March 3). Equity and Care: Theory & Practice [invited talk]. Two Oceans Graduate Institute, South Africa. Slides

Bali, M. (2022, February 3). Centering Equity and Care in Community Building [invited workshop]. American University of Bahrain. Slides: https://bit.ly/baliAUBH

Bali, M. (2022, January 26). Building Community with Care and Equity [invited panelist]. Teaching, Learning and Assessment Approaches to Support Wellbeing, National Forum Online Seminar, Dublin City University. Slides: https://bit.ly/DCUbali

Bali, M. (2022, January 24). Working as an Academic for Social Justice [invited workshop]. TAU3, University of Cape Town. Slides: https://bit.ly/TAU3bali

Bali, M. (2021, December 7). Compassionate Open Education with Intentionally Equitable Hospitality. NOMSA 2021. Slides: https://bit.ly/NOMSAbali

Bali, M. (2021, November 20). Faculty development for emergency remote teaching. AMITY Global Online Education Conference. [invited panelist]

Bali, M. (2021, October 21). Ecosystems for Designing with Compassion. QAA Collaborative Enhancement project: Belonging Through Assessment: Pipelines of Compassion symposium. [keynote] UAL. Slides: https://bit.ly/baliQAA

Bali, M. (2021, October 20). Framing Open Educational Practices from a Social Justice Perspective. Open Networked Learning (ONL). Slides: https://bit.ly/OEPONL

Bali, M. (2021, October 5). Creating Equitable Caring Communities Online. University of Texas at Tyler [invited talk]. Slides: https://bit.ly/Tylerbali

Bali, M. (2021, October 4). Enhancing Equity in STEM Education. NYU Abu Dhabi IDBE series [invited talk]. Slides: https://bit.ly/NYUADbali

Bali, M. (2021, October 1). Creating an Equity and Care Ecosystem in Education. Kent University distinguished speaker series [invited talk]. Slides: https://bit.ly/KentBali

Bali, M. (2021, September 8). Community Building for Diverse Classrooms. #FlippingDigital [keynote]. Newman University [invited]. Slides: https://bit.ly/flippingbali

Bali, M. (2021, August 19). Centering Equity and Care Beyond the Pandemic. NADEOSA. [invited talk]. Slides: https://bit.ly/NADEOSAbali

Bali, M. (2021, August 5). How Can We Infuse Care, Equity and Agency throughout Education? D,T&L Conference, University of Wisconsin-Madison. [keynote]. Slides:

Bali, M. (2021, August 5). Creating Equitable Communities of Care in Online Learning During a Pandemic. ODeL, UNISA. [keynote] Slides: https://bit.ly/UNISAbali

Bali, M. (2021, July 6). Framing Open Educational Practices from a Social Justice Perspective. NorthWestern University [invited]. https://bit.ly/NWUbali

Bali, M. (2021, June 8). Building Community Online with Equity and Care. Heriot Watt University Teaching and Learning Academy. Slides: https://bit.ly/HWUbali

Bali, M. (2021, May 24). Agile Faculty Development. American University of Bahrain Conference.

Bali, M. (2021, May 22). Nurturing Joy in Writing [interactive keynote]. Ahead of the Code Conference.

Bali, M. (2021, May 19). Building Community Online with Equity and Care [invited workshop]. Ryerson University Teaching & Learning Conference. Slides: https://bit.ly/baliRyersonWS

Bali, M. (2021, May 19). Connecting Equity and Care in our Teaching: Beyond the Pandemic [keynote]. Ryerson University Teaching & Learning Conference. Slides: https://bit.ly/baliRyerson [recording forthcoming]

Soliya/AMIDEAST panel event [recording forthcoming]

Bali, M. (2021, May). building community with equity and care. [keynte]. TEL, UT Austin . SLIDES: https://bit.ly/TELbali

Bali, M. (2021, May). Pedagogies of care and equity for students and teachers. [keynote]. University of Prince Edward Island conference keynote. Slides: https://bit.ly/UPEIbali

Bali, M. (2021, April 14). Care, Community and Hospitality: Supporting Student Collaboration in Online and Hybrid Environments. Interface Teaching conference [Keynote]. https://bit.ly/interfacebali

Bali, M. (2021, April 9). Promoting Social Justice via Open Educational Practices (OEP). M. O. S. T. Conference [Keynote]. http://bit.ly/MOSTbali

Bali, M. (2021, April 6). Creating Equitable Caring Communities Online. BALEAP Conference [Plenary Keynote]. http://bit.ly/BALEAPbali

Bali, M. (2021, March 19). Centering equity and care beyond the pandemic. ThinqStudio Unconference [Keynote]. https://bit.ly/thinqbali

Rossi, R., Bali, M. & Spaeth, E. (2021, March 4). Approaches to inclusive practices online. Experiences in Digital Learning webinars from CDE, Goldsmiths and the University of London Institute in Paris [invited panelist]. https://london.ac.uk/centre-for-distance-education/events/approaches-inclusive-online-practices

Bali, M., Doctorow, C., Doxtdator, B., Gilliard, C., singh, s.s., Stommel, J., Watters, A. (2020, December 1). #AgainstSurveillance webinar. [invited speaker] https://againstsurveillance.net

Sebaaly, M., Bali, M., Baroud, F., & Hadji-Hamou, N. (2020, December 1). The Arab world: A Global Snapshot [Invited panelist]. Online Educa Berlin.

Bali, M. (2020, November 30, forthcoming). Northern State University. [invited workshop]

Bali, M. (2020, November). Embodying Equity in Online Learning Spaces. Aurora College [invited workshop]. Slides: https://bit.ly/baliAurora

Bali, M., Blaschke, L.M., Verjans, S., Arnold, D. (2020, November 18). Fostering student well-being in online learning [invited panelist]. Media and Learning Online Conference.

Bali, M. (2020, November 18). Equity and Care for Students, Equity and Care for Teachers. [Invited panelist in panel entitled: Maximising the learning potential for students and academics]. Media and Learning Online Conference. Slides: https://bit.ly/baliMandL

Bali, M. (2020, November 14). Wellbeing conversations with TAMUQ students. TAMUQ [invited workshop]

Bali, M. (2020, November 11). Framing Open Educational Practices from a Social Justice Perspective. University of East Finland [invited workshop]

Bali, M., Ranwala, C., Kiiru, J., & Harle, J. (2020, November 11). Cracks in the Knowledge System [invited panel]. On Thinks Tanks online conference. Blogpost summarizing the panel discussion here. Video recording here.

Bali, M. & Zamora, M. (2020, November 10, 2020). Equitable Emergence: Telling the Story of “Equity Unbound” in the open. [Plenary Keynote]. Open Education Conference #OpenEd20. Slides https://bit.ly/miaha. YouTube video

Bali, M. (2020, November 5th). Building community, digital literacies: Motivation for learning online [Invited session]. Beyond the App. Slides: https://bit.ly/baliBTA

Bali, M. (2020, November 5th). Differentiating Faculty Development During COVID-19 [Invited Presidential Panelist] AECT Conference. Slides: https://bit.ly/AECTbali

Bali, M. (2020, November 4th). Sustaining Intentionally Equitable Learning Communities. QAA Scotland Building Resilient Learning Communities: Using Evidence to Support Student Success. [Keynote panelist]. Slides: https://bit.ly/QAASbali. YouTube recording.

Khourshed, M., Bali, M., Rizkallah, M., Khalil, M. (2020, October 25). FEPS BI Webinar on Covid-19 and Education [Invited panelist]

Bali, M. (2020, October 23rd). Paradigm shifts we need in open and online learning post COVID-19 [Keynote]. EDEN Research Workshop. Slides: https://bit.ly/EDENbali Recording (Within larger recording)

Bali, M. (2020, October 14). Equity for Students, Equity for Faculty. [Invited workshop]. Forman Christian College faculty retreat. Slides: http://bit.ly/EquityFCC

Bali, M. (2020, September 25). Invited talk at Africa Evidence Network.

Bali, M. (2020, September 23). Shifts in Academic Practices As We Rethink the Purpose of Education [Invited workshop]. Teaching and Learning Conference, 2020. University of Cape Town. Slides at: https://bit.ly/uctp2p

Bali, M. (2020, September 16). invited panelist at IVEC Conference.

Bali, M. (2020). Invited to speak in engineering ethics panel

Bali, M. (2020, June 15). Centering a Critical Curriculum of Care During crises (keynote). OLC innovate. Video and slides

Bali, M. (2020). Invited panelist at Al Fanar conference.

Bali, M. (2020). Invited workshop at Davidson College.

Bali, M. (2020). Invited workshop at Northwestern University in Qatar.

Bali, M. (2020). Virna

Bali, M. (2020, ) Gasta Goes Global

Bali, M., Buckner, M., Caines, A., & Pacansky-Brock, M. (2020). Care. OLC Ideate.

Bali, M. (2020, January). Nurturing Learning Agency [keynote]. Nile TESOL, Cairo, Egypt. http://bit.ly/BaliTESOL

Bali, M. (2020, January). Walking and Talking: Using Kinesthetic Learning to Encourage Classroom Discussion [invited workshop]. Nile TESOL, Cairo, Egypt. http://bit.ly/BaliKinesthetic

Bali, M. (2019, December 5). Negotiating Equitable Systems for Open Education. Sparc Open Africa symposium. University of Cape Town, South Africa. [Invited virtual panelist]. Slides at http://bit.ly/BaliOpenCon

Bali, M. (2019, November 21). Invited panelist at SpotOn19 Conference, e-JUST Smart Village campus, Cairo, Egypt. slides at: http://bit.ly/balispoton. I also was a spontaneous panelist speaking about Open Access when someone else canceled!

Bali, M. (2019, November 19). How do we design our learning spaces for intentionally equitable hospitality. OLC Accelerate Online International Summit [keynote panelist, online conference]. Slides at: http://bit.ly/OLCBALI Recording

Bali, M. (2019, November 15). Intentions & Realities of Social Justice in OEP. [Invited panelist in panel title the journey towards social justice and openness in ODL]. European Distance Learning week [online conference]. Slides at: http://bit.ly/EDLWMAHA. Recording.

Bali, M. (2019, November 13). Why virtual exchange matters. Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange National Information Day. Cairo University , Cairo, Egypt. Slides at: http://bit.ly/evecairo

Bali, M. (2019, October 10). Transformative Learning for Teachers in the 21st Century [keynote]. U21 Conference, Johannesburg, South Africa. (Slides & recording here)

Bali, M. (2019, August 22). Invited panelist at the Forman Christian College teaching and learning day.

Bali, M. (2019, August 15). Equity Before Innovation: Challenges & Opportunities for Digital Education in a Globalized World. [Keynote] Symposium: Making a plan – the reality of growing new forms of digital teaching and learning provision. University of Cape Town, South Africa. Slides are here: http://bit.ly/UCTAug15 Recording here: https://youtu.be/PrzkC-yNZJ0

Bali, M. (2019, August 14). Reimagining Digital Literacies from a Feminist Perspective in a Postcolonial Context. Invited Seminar at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Slides here: http://bit.ly/femdiglit Recording here: https://youtu.be/x5vVp1V6Dlg

Bali, M. (2019, August 14). Open Pedagogy. Invited workshop at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Slides: http://bit.ly/OpenPedUCT

Bali, M. (2019). Invited Panelist at Art Education conference in Egypt

Bali, M. (2018, September). Connecting the world: intentions and realities (keynote). Indie Web Camp NY. Video recording here

Bali, M. (2018, July ). Challenging Academic Gatekeeping: Open Scholarship and Virtually Connecting (keynote). Festival of eLearning Conference, e/Merge Africa, Cape Town, South Africa. Slides and recording available here
Bali, M. (2018, June). Invited session on Remote PhD Supervision at Part-time and Distance Researchers Conference, Imperial College, London, UK. Audio recording here

Bali, M. (2018, April 26). Flipping the Script on Intercultural Learning… and Other Stories (keynote). UniCollaborate, Krakow, Poland. Video, slides, etc. available at: https://blog.mahabali.me/unicollab2018/

Bali, M. (2017, September 11). The Promise of Open Education: What Can Open Education Do For You? (keynote) OEPScotland. Video at: https://blog.mahabali.me/whyopen/my-oeps-talk-happening-sept-11-at-1110-uk-time/

Gilliard, C. and Bali, M. (2017, August 7). Praxis, Privacy and Care in Digital Pedagogies (keynote). Digital Pedagogy Lab Institute, University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA. Video available here

Bali, M. & Bowles, K. (2017, August 3-7). Networked Learning and Intercultural Collaboration [invited to teach week-long track]. Digital Pedagogy Lab Institute, University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA.
Bali, M. (2017, May 27). Pedagogical Interventions: Transforming the Academy via New Media, Mobile Technologies & Gaming: CLOSING PLENARY (Invited Panelist). International Communication Association Conference (#ICA17). San Diego, California

Bali, M. (2017, April 5). Hiding in the Open (keynote). Open Educational Resources 2017 (#OER17). London, UK. Slides/video at: www.mahabali.me/oer17
Bali, M., Bowles, K., & Prinsloo, P. (2016, August 11). Inclusive Networked Global Learning (invited workshop). Digital Pedagogy Lab Institute, University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg. Recording and pre-workshop article available here: https://mahabali.me/edcontexts/contexts-matter/international-something-why-you-should-care-digped/
Bali, M., Caines, A., Berman, M., Eshleman, K., & Koutropoulos, A. (2016, August 9). Praxis of Virtually Connecting (invited workshop). Digital Pedagogy Lab Institute, University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg. Recording available here: http://virtuallyconnecting.org/blog/2016/08/04/we-are-vconnecting-from-digpedlab-umw-digped/

Bali, M. (2016, May 26). Virtual Collaborative Scholarship for Development (Featured Speaker Spotlight talk). eLearning Africa, Cairo, Egypt. Presentation available at: (2016, May 26). https://www.haikudeck.com/p/8df54b4270

Bali, M., & Groom, J. (2016, May 26). Should EdTech have an ethos? Teaching technologies in a post-Snowden age (Featured presentation). AMICAL 2016, American University of Rome, Rome, Italy. Slides and video available: http://www.amicalnet.org/sessions/should-edtech-have-an-ethos-teaching-technologies-in-a-post-snowden-age

Regional Invited talks and workshops

    • Invited to offer a workshop at Digital Humanities Institute Beirut at AUB (DHIB) and offered one on Digital Identities (invited Nadine Aboulmagd to join me onsite while I joined in virtually), March 2017
    • Invited to participate in a panel about MOOCs in the launch event of Edraak, May 2014.
  • Invited to speak at a special seminar at AUB around my Critical Citizenship article, January 2014.

Local invited talks and workshops

Bali, M. (2017, December 16). Critical Citizenship Workshop (invited workshop). iSpark Principals’ Event. Cairo, Egypt. Workshop material available here: https://blog.mahabali.me/citizenship/
Bali, M. (2017, November 30). Curriculum Design Theories and Assessments. RISE Solutions Summit (invited workshop), Cairo, Egypt.
Bali, M. (2017, November 4). Curriculum Theory & Future Trends in Education. (invited workshop). Education Square School for Educational Entrepreneurs. Cairo, Egypt.
Bali, M. (2017, September). Enablers & Hindering Factors to 21st Century School-Based Reform (invited panelist). EducateME Conference, American University in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt.
Bali, M. (2016, November 30). Open Scholarship and Open Pedagogy for the Egyptian Academic (invited talk). OpenMed event. Cairo University.

Bali, M. (2015, September). Problematizing educational standards. Invited presentation at the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo. (slides)

Bali, M. (2015). Why & How to Flip the Classroom. National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation for Education Conference (invited presentation), Cairo University, Cairo, May 25, 2015.

Bali, M. (2015). How Open Education is Transforming Lifelong Learning. Faculty of Pharmacy Cairo University Scientific Meeting (invited presentation) ,Cairo University, Cairo. April 25, 2015

Bali, M. (2015). Our Place as EdTechies. ITWorx Education corporate event (invited presentation). April 20, 2015.
Bali, M. (2015, February). Creative Scholarship at AUC [invited moderator]. EURECA Undergraduate Research Conference at AUC, Cairo, Egypt.

Webinars & Similar Invited Talks and Workshops

Bali, M., Zamora, M., & Levine, A. (2018, January 31). Goals, Practices and Challenges of Intercultural Learning: a discussion across 4 countries. (invited webinar). DMLL, Coventry University, UK. (not recorded).
Bali, M. & others (2017, September 26). Diversity, equity and inclusion in OER. Rebus Community Office Hours (invited webinar panelist). Recording available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUiyiAT0uMQ
Bali, M., Beckingham, S., MacKinnon, T., Crowson, S., Friedrich, C., & Weller, M. (2017, May 31). #MELSIG Vconnecting Conversation. Media-Enhanced Learning Special Interest Group Event, Edge Hill University, UK. Recording available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqvnO0T9S2o
Bali, M. (2017, May 9). Self as OER #SelfOER from an Egyptian Perspective (invited webinar). UNIR Open Tuesdays. Recording available at: https://unir.adobeconnect.com/p7xoipcf1eq8/
Bali, M. (2017, March). Keynoting at #OER17: A Personal Perspective. (invited webinar). Association for Learning Technology (ALT) Open Education Special Interest Group (OpenEdSIG). Recording available here: https://altc.alt.ac.uk/oesig/2017/03/29/keynoting-at-oer17-a-personal-perspective-on-open-practice/#gref
Bali, M., & Koseoglu, S. (2016, November 2). The Self as an Open Educational Research (invited webinar). Global OER Graduates Network (GO-GN) First Wednesday of the Month Webinar. Recording available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EA-z8rFUNm8
Czerniewicz, L., & Bali, M., (2016, September 19-23). Publishing in the Open: Exploring pathways for open access publishing. (invited to co-facilitate one week of online course including webinar). eMerge Africa. Details here https://blog.mahabali.me/whyopen/talking-openness-w-czernie-this-september-on-emerge-africa/
Bali, M. (2014, 2015, 2016). Guest talk on faculty development for SEDA (Staff & Educational Developers Association) Participants.

Other Invitations & Honors

    • Invited to be a “(Hybrid) Visiting Fellow” at the University of Coventry DMLL. This involves me going to spend one day at Coventry University in April, facilitating a session with other educators from around the world, and offering multiple online sessions for faculty and staff at University of Coventry on intercultural learning and other areas within my expertise.
    • Invited to participate in an exclusive conference in Arizona: “A Very Special Invitation to Join 100 Thought Leaders Charting the Future of Learning in the Digital Age”. The title of the event is Dreamers, Doers, and Drivers Shaping the Future of Learning and it takes place April 25-27. Even though I cannot attend in person, they will try to involve me virtually.
    • Invited to participate in the New Media Consortium’s Horizon Report, and to contribute a section on Digital Equity, and worked on it (but then the NMC went bankrupt so it never got published).
    • Invited to an interview #101OpenStories with other open educators (Catherine Cronin, Sukaina Walji, Maha AbdelMoneim) interviewed by Jenni Hayman in July, 2017. Interview here: https://youtu.be/RZ8ve0oS5GE
    • Sloan-C (now OLC) interviewed me on virtual conference participation, published May 2014 (After being awarded top virtual participant at et4online that year for my active Twitter participation and interaction with onsite speakers): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54III6FFcYQ
    • Guest speaker in multiple classes related to digital literacies, educational technology and intercultural learning across the world. Many of these are unrecorded.