1.e. Other Web Presence

Websites & blogs

Co-founder of Virtuallyconnecting.org, a grassroots movement whose purpose is to include the voices of virtual participants in conference conversations. Co-founder with Rebecca J. Hogue. Co-director with Rebecca J. Hogue, Autumm Caines, Helen J. DeWaard and Christian Friedrich.

Co-facilitator of Equity Unbound, an equity-focused, open, intercultural learning curriculum (with Mia Zamora and Catherine Cronin).

Lead curator of the Online Community-Building Resources, a collaboration between OneHE & Equity Unbound. Hosted at https://onehe.org/equity-unbound

Co-founder/co-facilitator of Edcontexts – www.edcontexts.org now archived at http://edcontexts.mahabali.me/home space for educators across contexts to write – focus on non-North American (with Shyam Sharma, Tanya Lau, Laura Czerniewicz, Lenandlar Singh, Clarissa Bezzera)

My personal blog: https://blog.mahabali.me

Syndicated creativity course blog: http://www.creativitycourse.org (co-taught with Hoda Mostafa)

Syndicated Digital Literacies course blog: http://diglit.creativitycourse.org