Embracing Emergence

Embracing emergence. This is something that’s being talked about simulataneously in different places (not sure if itR

The Egyptian Education Question

I needed to blog this out of my system. Let’s call it blog therapy. For a long time (since I was 10, no kidding), one of

Revisiting the Content Question

When I first started teaching, I thought there was something weird about me. I was always thinking about “how” I w

Curriculum theory, outcomes/objectives, and throwing the pasta out with the pasta water

This post is long overdue, but I keep hesitating to write it because it’s something I wrote an entire chapter about for

Reflections on understanding blended learning #blendkit2014

I joined the #Blendkit2014 MOOC because I had browsed the self-paced content previously and liked its pedagogical focus. As so

The Unweek of Uncertainty & Unlearning

I tweeted this earlier today: This is the unweek of unMOOCS, with uncertainty theme in #rhizo14 & unlearning theme of #fut

What’s so special about @davecormier’s (or “our”) #rhizo14?

A few things I have been reading today around #rhizo14 have made me reflect on a few things that seem obvious but are not usua

Riddle: Opportunity for Rhizomatic Curriculum

Talk about an opportunity to apply rhizomatic learning! I was planning to make my class more of a “community as curricul

Cormier’s Community as Curriculum, and Rhizomatic Education

I have just finished reading Dave Cormier’s 2008 article Rhizomatic Education: Community as Curriculum and thought I wou