My #digiwrimo goals: tying loose ends

I’m REALLY excited about Digital Writing Month (#digiwrimo) – aren’t you? You should be, coz I have a guest

Social Responsibility of Novelists (Mental Illness)

This post is inspired by my annoyance at the misrepresentation of mental illness in a novel I am reading. I assume most people

Don’t get to the point where it doesn’t feel good anymore

I am not a big eater, but it’s a big deal in our culture not to waste food (other people are dying of starvation) and on

Five things I will take with me from #clmooc

Well, there are soooo many things I looooved about clmooc. So many, and yet I never “properly” engaged with it*

Multiple me #poem

You can’t make me better You can’t make me worse You can only make it harder To be who I am You can’t contro

I demand… A course in Arabic rhetoric

I demand a course in Arabic rhetoric! I am sick of not being able to translate my own English articles. I know translation is

Writing ourselves into history; righting history (inspired by @Mark_Mcguire & #write4pro)

I started my day by this incredible tweet by my twitter-buddy Mark McGuire. I loved it so much I kept going back to it several

The Vulnerability of Social Media Participation

This is just a quick weekend post to reflect on the vulnerability we open ourselves to when we blog or tweet or participate in

Body of Knowledge, or Embodied Knowledge? On theory, reading, privilege and #rhizo14

I am compelled to write this post quickly before I pick up my daughter from daycare. I need to write this post. First off R

Teaching as Giving, Writing as Giving

This post is inspired by a facebook discussion about my previous post “We are Nerds“. Friend of mine pointed out t


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