Reflections After an Education Reform Event in Cairo

Yesterday I attended a one-day event on education reform in Egypt. It’s of course a tremendous topic, given how problemt

Lose that Winning Culture #moocmooc

Pun intended. We need to lose that emphasis on winning, or succeeding, starting from children’s pop culture, all the way

The Unnamed Question: Learning, Schooling, and Education

My mind is jumbled up so this isn’t going to be a very coherent post (I’ve discovered some people really enjoy the

Freire & Egypt’s Revolution – Critical Revelation & Creative Transformation

How appropriate that I’ll be writing about Freire and the Egyptian revolution just before the 4th anniversary of Egypt&#

Matters of Time and Mood

This is going to be a bit of a rant of a post, where this frustrated mom with a PhD in education over-intellectualizes a situa

#TvsZ 6.0 – student feedback from Cairo

I just came out of class with my students. Note that this is only the SECOND official class I have had with them, but because

#TvsZ 6.0 Egyptian style

I’m going to start writing this post but not publish it until after I meet my students today. They might say something t

Uncritical first, or skeptical first?

Simon Ensor’s post “(un)critical mass” prompted me to write this post which is an amalgamation of several po

The Egyptian Education Question

I needed to blog this out of my system. Let’s call it blog therapy. For a long time (since I was 10, no kidding), one of

Duty & the Beast

This post is not political, but is inspired by political events in Egypt. It is about conflict of values and ethics, and how b


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