Presenting: My Student’s Educational Games

Today was the last day of my educational game design module. It should be a wonderful day, because students are so proud of wh

#tvsz 6.0 Nominated for #eddies14 Best Educational Use of a Social Network

I am superexcited! #tvsz 6.0 has been nominated for an eddies14 award for Best Educational Ue of a Social Network. I am really

Class idea: Edu Game Hack-a-thon

So I came across this really simple but interesting post about educational games (funny I got the tweet thru a work colleague

Signed up for GiverCraft – start Nov 17

I wrote the below originally as an email to work colleagues, but have modified it slightly for my blog: To all u guys interest

Getting My Students Excited about Twitter: first steps

I love twitter In case you don’t know, I am planning a twitter treasure scavenger hunt with my students to introduce the

Games – finding resources

Anastasia Salter is apparently a really big name in edu games, and she recently gave a workshop(#hilt2014) that I heard of via

Game Ideas: Liquefy syllabus, alliteration poem, song-story

I got two three cool ideas for games I might use with my students this semester. I teach the last 1/3 of a module on creativit

Games, cheating, aggression and our inner “bad”?

What does cheating in a game say about us? What about when cheating is the object of the game? What about aggression? Is aggre

Hack the Folk Tale/Nursery Rhyme Game #clmoocgames

I have sooooo much I want to share about games, but I also want a chance to read what others in clmooc are doing this make cyc