Twitter Scavenger Hunt for Nov 4th – Update

This is a blogpost to update everyone who volunteered to help me out with my students’ Twitter Scavenger Hunt on Nov 4th

Untitled and messy: trust in the blogosphere

This post is gonna be so messy, but it really needs to get written. I don’t know how on earth I managed to read so many

Why Read This, Why Read That?

I read one of the most beautiful posts today, by Mimi Ito (annotated on Diigo here by Kevin and Terry; my Diigo was in a bad m

You can do the half-egg on Twitter

My kid’s a horrible eater, in quantity, quality & diversity of her food. She won’t even eat an entire egg, an

Process for Connecting

I’ve been thinking for a while and a lot today about my process for connecting, especially in a new cMOOC… or in g

Blog til you can’t talk, write til you can’t think without it

Do you ever end a f2f or synchronous conversation (extreme example: thesis defense) and think, “hey wait, can we go back

Open and shut

I’m open I’m direct I’m willing To share I’m noisy I’m chatty I’m taking up Space I trust

The need to breathe

I recently saw on twitter a graphic making fun of adolescents’ current view of Maslow’s hierachy of needs, which h

Alone in a crowd… And disconnected discourses on education

Lonely in a Crowd At a face to face event, I walk in, I know no one. It is embarrassing, it is obvious. You cannot lurk unnoti

How I feel about different channels of e-communication

I have to say that my preferences in terms of communication media change very fast. When I first started MOOCing (latecomer in