Invitation to Participate: mini #TvsZ Feb 10

This is an invitation to anyone interested in trying out (or helping out) with a mini #TvsZ game Pete and Andrea will be prese

#tvsz 6.0 Nominated for #eddies14 Best Educational Use of a Social Network

I am superexcited! #tvsz 6.0 has been nominated for an eddies14 award for Best Educational Ue of a Social Network. I am really

#TvsZ 6.0 – student feedback from Cairo

I just came out of class with my students. Note that this is only the SECOND official class I have had with them, but because

#TvsZ 6.0 Egyptian style

I’m going to start writing this post but not publish it until after I meet my students today. They might say something t

It’s work, it’s a game… It’s #TvsZ

It was kind of (but not really) funny trying to explain #TvsZ to my husband the other day. Let’s ignore the fact that yo

The View from the Center of #TvsZ 6.0

I have like 5 blogposts in my head but this is the most urgent one because I wanted to capture the thoughts in my head (side n

Reporting on Twitter Scavenger Hunt

If you’re new here and don’t know the backstory, I had a Twitter Scavenger Hunt with my students on Nov 4 to intro

Giving choice, promoting #tvsz to my students

So, I am meeting my students Nov4 for the twitter scavenger hunt, then hopefully playing the hacked version of #tvsz Nov 14-16

About My Educational Game Design Course

(the below is a copy of an email I sent to a colleague at work whom I have asked to help me out with the assessment of the Twi

The Twitter Treasure Hunt

How would you go about trying to get your students anyone to understand twitter if you only have an hour to do it? (There is a