Why Read This, Why Read That?

I read one of the most beautiful posts today, by Mimi Ito (annotated on Diigo here by Kevin and Terry; my Diigo was in a bad m

The Egyptian Education Question

I needed to blog this out of my system. Let’s call it blog therapy. For a long time (since I was 10, no kidding), one of

Why I prefer text to video

If you know me, you know I prefer text communication to something like a google hangout, mostly for logistical reasons related

The cool thing about autonomous learners…

I am in the middle of co-facilitating a workshop at my uni about blended learning… Which we are doing in a blended forma

The many faces of collaboration, and the “process” curriculum

This post is inspired by a Tuesday in which I witnessed several different faces of collaborative learning, and a post by Barry

Reflection on my students’ games

I came back from a really exhausting, draining day, to find that some of my (mostly freshman) students from “module 3 :

Mess in education. Mess in research. Mess in ethics

Mess is life Mess is my life. I have a toddler, after all, and there are few things that toddlers enjoy more than mess. I wear

How We Look at Education

So… I’ve been reading some vastly different things about education and just wanting to connect all that’s ru

Authentic & Sustainable Assessment: openly brainstorming workshop ideas

I’ll be co-facilitating a workshop with a colleague on “alternative assessment” and I have chosen to make my

My Favorite Teacher?

Cathy Davidson encouraged us in #FutureEd to share who is our fave teacher and why… I had a couple of people in mind, bu