Re-posting Thoughts from the Decolonization Track #DigPed

This below is a discussion post I had written in #DigPed Discourse for my Decolonization and Education track, and I joked at t

On Agency & Holding Multiple Views at Once 

Three things came together and collided in my brain… All of it helping me to think about my upcoming keynote at OEPS (un

Patience, graciousness and emotional shortcircuits

Yesterday I lost my patience  Today I saw this tweet by Jesse Stommel on how patience is pedagogical (check out the whole

Home, Belonging and #DigPed (part 2 of my reflections) 

It was caught off-guard when my almost 6-year-old said Fredericksburg the other day. I didn’t realize while we were ther

Reflections on #DigPed – Part 1: Hybridity

I’m still recovering from the emotionally overwhelming experience that was my US trip this year, which ended with one of

Open Peer Review – Final batch of MLA keywords (including one of my curations)

I’ve been working with Mia Zamora on curating the Network keyword (you may have seen our crowdsourcing call earlier) for

What I Learned @DigPedLab UMW #digped

This post is inspired by Annemarie Perez who asked me on Twitter how DigPedLab UMW was going for ME. No one, I think, explicit

Virtually Connecting as an Organizer of #DigPed

I had my first experience of Virtually Connecting as an organizer last week during DigPedCairo and I feel like I have now come

Grateful for the Love & The Wins @DigPedLab Cairo #DigPed

Yesterday was the last day of Digital Pedagogy Lab Cairo. You don’t really say goodbye to your virtual friends, right? H

Pre-DigPedCairo pre-reflections #DigPed

It may seem kinda crazy to blog on my way to DigPedCairo – one hour before coffee starts. 1.5 hours before inauguration.