3. Outreach

Consultations & Workshops


  • Consulted with Lazord (Gerhart Center) on workshops for critical pedagogy; give one regularly
  • Consulted with Tahrir Academy on needs for critical thinking; invited to attend several CLT events but still making plans for more directed workshops
  • Attended meeting with Ahram representative to plan for future critical thinking public talks by CLT
  • Facilitated AUC’s agreement with Edraak Arab MOOC


  • OneHE Advisory board member
  • Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange advisory board member
  • Multiple workshops for NGOs on critical pedagogy, citizenship and curriculum design
  • Conducted introductory session for Namaa Youth Empowerment course, part of Nahdet el Mahrousa NGO (Spring 2015)
  • Consulted with Soliya (soliya.net) on two different programs (Fall 2014)
  • Consulted with SILATECH as assessor of multiple modules in a youth development course (Spring 2014)

2 thoughts on “3. Outreach

  1. Dear professor Maha:
    I just wanted to reach out to express my admiration for all those continuous efforts by you and your colleagues in the field of digital humanities, a field that I am passionate about; both due to my study of electronic literature during my MA at Ain Shams University as well as my personal interest in the field. I follow your papers, which demonstrate deep research and an unceasing effort.
    Regards, Nahla

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