Through the Kaleidoscope

My daughter walked into Hamley’s on Regent street while we were in London and was looking for a train I had promised her

Hugs, Handshakes & Heartache #altc & @vconnecting

I was in Manchester around 48 hours. But boy, were they packed. I’ve been struggling to write about this emotional, exhi

Listening slowly, A+ and Social Media

We all know some people talk too fast (or slow) but is it possible to listen too slowly? When I was an undergrad, I had the pr

Embracing Paradox: Both/And Mentality and Postmodernism

Some days you find yourself in multiple conversations and you find a common thread between them that you feel compelled to lin

Scholarly Sweet Spots…or not?

Scholarly sweet spots. Nice alliteration, yeah? I have been thinking I found a couple of scholarly sweet spots lately… I

PJs and a Headscarf – My Private/Public Life

If you’ve been following, Rebecca and I started a thing called et4buddy at et4online where she brought me virtually into

Embracing Emergence

Embracing emergence. This is something that’s being talked about simulataneously in different places (not sure if itR

Research idea: #rhizo15, Hospitality and Invasion?

I had a brainstorm as I was making breakfast so blogging it before it disappears. Would anyone be interested in exploring #rhi

Virtually connecting w #hastac2015 today w @rjhogue @profrehn and more

It was a cool day.  The #hastac2015 hangout we did today was definitely one of the highlights. Here is the recording (it

What’s Public Scholarship Anyway?

So… A few days ago I got shout-outs for being a “public scholar” and I was a little..uhh… Well happy a