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May 17, 2014
by Maha Bali
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The many faces of collaboration, and the “process” curriculum

Reading Time: 3 minutesThis post is inspired by a Tuesday in which I witnessed several different faces of collaborative learning, and a post by Barry Dyck about how giving students choice in learning affects the learning/teaching experience… And what this all means for … Continue reading

May 13, 2014
by Maha Bali

CC-BY-NC – why I am pro “non-commercial Creative Commons licensing”

Reading Time: 3 minutesWe recently had our open access event at the American University in Cairo, followed by a visit by Melanie Dulong from CNRS, who spoke about open data. In an informal discussion afterwards, we discussed the problems with a CC-BY-NC license. … Continue reading

May 4, 2014
by Maha Bali
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Alternatives to the product/outcomes approach to curriculum

Reading Time: 7 minutesAlternative is one of my favorite words 🙂 I don’t like to be stuck with any one way of doing things, and I am always seeking alternatives and ways of mixing them up to create something new that fits my … Continue reading

May 3, 2014
by Maha Bali

Curriculum theory, outcomes/objectives, and throwing the pasta out with the pasta water

Reading Time: 7 minutesThis post is long overdue, but I keep hesitating to write it because it’s something I wrote an entire chapter about for my PhD thesis, and I am not sure a blogpost would do it justice. It’s something I can … Continue reading

April 30, 2014
by Maha Bali

How I feel about different channels of e-communication

Reading Time: 1 minutesI have to say that my preferences in terms of communication media change very fast. When I first started MOOCing (latecomer in 2013) I was not a tweeter or blogger, and discussion forums worked for me just fine. I had … Continue reading

April 29, 2014
by Maha Bali

Further Brainstorming our Blended Learning Course

Reading Time: 5 minutesI’ve got to do this brainstorming for work anyway, and I was doing it in a google doc, then thought I might as well blog it, crowdsource some feedback 🙂 I have already learned from several others who have shared … Continue reading

April 24, 2014
by Maha Bali

The need for intentional community building

Reading Time: 5 minutesOK… so I’ve been reflecting on the importance of intentionality in building community lately for so many different reasons: 1. I’m about to finish teaching a f2f course where I felt I did not do a good enough job of … Continue reading

April 24, 2014
by Maha Bali

Reflections on understanding blended learning #blendkit2014

Reading Time: 4 minutesI joined the #Blendkit2014 MOOC because I had browsed the self-paced content previously and liked its pedagogical focus. As someone involved in designing a blended learning course that will provide professional development about blended learning, I expect to learn a … Continue reading


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