The many faces of collaboration, and the “process” curriculum

This post is inspired by a Tuesday in which I witnessed several different faces of collaborative learning, and a post by Barry

CC-BY-NC – why I am pro “non-commercial Creative Commons licensing”

We recently had our open access event at the American University in Cairo, followed by a visit by Melanie Dulong from CNRS, wh

Alternatives to the product/outcomes approach to curriculum

Alternative is one of my favorite words 🙂 I don’t like to be stuck with any one way of doing things, and I am always

Curriculum theory, outcomes/objectives, and throwing the pasta out with the pasta water

This post is long overdue, but I keep hesitating to write it because it’s something I wrote an entire chapter about for

How I feel about different channels of e-communication

I have to say that my preferences in terms of communication media change very fast. When I first started MOOCing (latecomer in

Further Brainstorming our Blended Learning Course

I’ve got to do this brainstorming for work anyway, and I was doing it in a google doc, then thought I might as well blog

Big & little #octel questions

Who can resist this: Love the #octel emphasis "help u make connections between people and knowledge to aid your personal

The need for intentional community building

OK… so I’ve been reflecting on the importance of intentionality in building community lately for so many different

Reflections on understanding blended learning #blendkit2014

I joined the #Blendkit2014 MOOC because I had browsed the self-paced content previously and liked its pedagogical focus. As so


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