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Open Brainstorming Workshop Format

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So I just got inspired by the format of this recent workshop which I am guessing was done at @jessifer’s university, Wisconsin-Madison – where the workshop time was used to crowdsource 50 ideas for blended learning (by workshop facilitators, participants, and others on the open web) all on a google doc – the ideas in it are roughly ranked from simplest to most complex (but as we have been saying on twitter, no point ranking them strictly).

So my head is spinning with possible ways of replicating/adapting this format for my own practice. Here are some:

  • I am co-facilitating a workshop to language-teachers, and I wanted to introduce them to google docs. Wouldn’t it be a cool idea to let them use google docs during the workshop to brainstorm ways of using technology for language learning? We could use the doc to do something else, like ask questions, or share resources they find on the open web – and I could have my colleagues (on a different campus) add thoughts/resources in remotely; and I could invite people on Twitter to help out
  • I started an idea for “innovative faculty learning community” last semester and couldn’t sustain it… But doing one of these things can help allow everyone to participate in some way
  • For my own department, in our retreat this summer, we could each contribute ideas for new approaches to teaching/learning we have heard of or seen recently
  • a colleague had suggested collecting “teaching notes” or such; we could do one for that, include it in a forum and have people continue to contribute to it over time; maybe a padlet not google doc if we want something simpler
  • Could use it in a class 🙂 not sure how exactly but i’ll get there 🙂

Plus the actual doc above is a good resource 🙂 someone could reorganize the stuff later and make it more searchable like the TOPR

Ok, just wanted to record those thoughts

4 thoughts on “Open Brainstorming Workshop Format

  1. It’s a great way to activate people from the start – we’re so used to being audience when someone is ‘at the front’. Thanks for sharing, Maha. I wonder if the doc would inspire more activity when moderated by someone rather than leave them with it ‘for homework’. So the question really is : how to getting people pumped enough to have the ideas and want to share them. It’s an ongoing challenge for me when trying to get responses from students and colleagues.

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