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Getting My Students Excited about Twitter: first steps

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I love twitter

In case you don’t know, I am planning a twitter treasure scavenger hunt with my students to introduce them to twitter as preparation for a #tvsz hack in mid-November (working with Pete, Janine, Andrea, Lizzie, Christina). As part of the scavenger hunt, I thought they might as well experience the power of twitter as i know it, by getting responses from people all over the world – possible accumulating resources and posting them in a google doc, or tweeting to a hashtag and storifying or…

So Today, on an impulse, I sent three tweets of similar content (two targeting awesome edu game ppl i know to varying degrees, and one to a couple of hashtags incl #gbl and #ccourses:

You know how beautiful twitter is when you get this kind of tweet retweeted (by friends and total strangers) no less than 5 times within one hour, and almost everyone you’ve asked (and more) is willing to help.

I’m just writing this blogpost to remind myself what i agreed with whom!

1. Pete Rorabaugh, Janine DeBaise (and probably also Andrea and Lizzie) – I am hoping to have my students tweet stuff to their class hashtags and hopefully get responses from their students

2. Jesse Stommel, Ana Salter, Joe Dillon, Susan Watson, Simon Thompson, Laura Ritchie (and her class) Ann-Marie Cunningham, Dina Moati, (also ppl i don’t know e.g. @MariaReadsALot, @mkurachige & Lori Fredenberg from Lee’s class, see below) all agreed to respond to my students – awesome list of people, and some of them on similar timezone, too, so students might get early morning responses as well (i might divide it up so they definitely choose some ppl who are NOT on their timezone and some who are)

3. Quite a lot of ppl retweeted it. I need to get back to them and find out if by retweeting they say they will help 🙂 Some of them are people I know and some not. I will just list them here so i remember to go back and ask!
Ppl on my network: Anna Smith, Shane Landrum, Alice Campbell,
Ppl I don’t know Verena Roberts (tagging Lee Graham who also retweeted it – added later: yes Lee and Verena are in, with their entire classes and #edgamify tag plus Dina moati’s class), Christy Cate

Ok, i gotta go to bed – needed to document this before i lost the info

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