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Why I Am Interested in #dalmooc


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People probably think I am crazy for the number of hashtags i use and MOOCs I sign up for. I’m not as crazy as I sound… So let me explain why I am using the #dalmooc hashtag and retweeting the @dalmooc account

First and foremost: its an FYI for people on my network who might be interested in the MOOC

Second: i am interested in the format, the dual pathway thing, where learners can choose a structured or connectivist-like path and switch any time in between the two – you can read Matt Croslin’s blogpost here and look at the (very attractive) visual syllabus here. I just finished watching the (very engaging and short n sweet 30 min) hangout w George Siemens (y’all know him) and Matt Croslin (one of my fave instructional designers from my online network, after Apostolos Koutropoulos). Hangout archives here. ( Matt just tweeted me an older post on the Design Jam session here)

Third: i may be interested in learning about learner analytics, because last Blended Learning conference I attended didn’t sell me on it. Too qualitative/interpretive a researcher at heart…

So let’s see how it goes. For me, just observing how the interesting design pans out is worth spending some time on this 🙂


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