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Signed up for GiverCraft – start Nov 17

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I wrote the below originally as an email to work colleagues, but have modified it slightly for my blog:

To all u guys interested in educational gaming, you have probably heard of MinecraftEdu (i have never played it).

Here is a 2-week opportunity to try it out (for free) and see how students at school level experience it.

I *might* encourage my semr 1099 students to sign up and observe or something for a day or two, as a way to analyze the pedagogical value of the game (really hazy for me at the moment):

To sign up:

Some of the two-week thing (i think they called it an OOC) has objectives relevant specifically to Alaska and grades 6-12 standards, but they also graciously added options for college & grad students in the signup form (for me!)

And they have these objectives which attracted me:
* Encourage students to collaborate and explore
* Provide teachers with a planned guide for integrating technology
* Let teachers explore gamification in a safe, guided environment on a private MinecraftEDU server provided through UAS

The last is most important for me.

P.S. I met the designer (one of?) of the thing (Lee Graham, who is a teacher educator like me) via Twitter when i sent out a call for ppl on twitter to interact with my Semr1099 students in November so the students can actually ask edu game design experts questions and collect resources for the Twitter scavenger hunt they’ll be doing as an intro to twitter. I sent out the tweet last night. I now have something like 20 ppl willing to help my students (as many as my students!) and several willing to engage their ENTIRE class (some K-12, some teachers) – which i now think might be an amazing audience for my class…

Oh wait,,, this should probably go on my blog…

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