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Beauty of Evolving Google Docs

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Did u ever look at a google doc full of the evolution of your ideas with a group of ppl and think it was a thing of beauty in and of itself, that u might like to go back and look at it some day later? That regardless of the end product that gets published, the actual Process of writing it is beautiful? And sometimes i hate resolving marginal comments because i want to preserve them as part of the process.

My life is a google doc. Or a hundred of them. And those documents carry within them my relationships with people and our work together.

I don’t care whether the papers get published or the conf proposal gets accepted (well i care a wee bit) – but i do care that we’ve been doing this together…something to savor.

Thanks to everyone who’s shared google doc space with me 🙂

2 thoughts on “Beauty of Evolving Google Docs

  1. Maha, I think this swarm voice that emerges in these shared documents is very much worth discussing. It’s a wild, swirling voice that highlights and frames the flashes of clarity and beauty. I’ve at last said things in these swarms that I’ve been trying to say by myself for a long time. Thanks.

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