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Beauty Where No One Expects It

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My daughter’s artwork using pens on her uniform. The bottom one is a headphone in red… slightly above is her name in Arabic in green. Apparently there are secret messages on the back.

My daughter teaches and inspires me every day. I noticed that she writes on the drawstrings of her school uniform – she is a Doodler, and I guess this is one more place to express her individuality and also make the uniform hers? As a mom, I am grateful that she is less likely to lose it because of these symbols on it. As a bystander, I love this show of art, kind of like graffiti on clothes? As a critical pedagogue, I am probably overanalyzing how subversive it is!

seems subversive

4 thoughts on “Beauty Where No One Expects It

  1. Nice that the school don’t go mad with her for doing it 🙂 I’ve been reading recently about the power of doodling … it needs to be encouraged. [Not that I doubted it personally, being a bit of a doodler, but good to see your habits ratified 🙂 ]

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