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Inviting Feedback on My Invited Talks, Keynotes & Workshops

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Hi there! Another year, another set of invited talks for me to prepare (I love doing these, not at all complaining, especially since I know that when we go fully f2f again, they’re going to dwindle or I won’t be able to say yes to many of them), and I’ve got some energy in my brain right now about ways to revamp my keynotes while maintaining the core of what is good about them. I like to silence my imposter syndrome that tells me people invite me to have “diversity” and that they truly value what I have to say… but I also want to keep improving what I do, not just keep doing the same thing over and over.

So here is a link to a feedback form – let me know what you think I do well, and what I could improve in my keynotes!

I want to think of elements that people really enjoy (is it the choose-your-own-adventure? is it the interaction via chat? is it the use of visuals? is it the use of tweets? Is there enough practical advice or is it too much in the cloud? Is it too light without enough theory? Are my slides too colorful, or interestingly different?). There are also some small tweaks I am thinking of making. For example, I saw James Lang speak while standing at his keynote for our local symposium, and I think I’ll try that in future. It gave a different kind of energy. I also wonder if wearing a headphone that looks different would make a difference, e.g. one that doesn’t show around my face (I need my Bose noise-cancelling ones when I’m outside home, but not when I’m home – maybe I need a better mic).

I’m also embedding the form below, in case that helps (hopefully my site does not crash from this! haha)

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