New Post & Resources on Critical AI Literacy

If you’ve been following this blog, you know I’ve written about critical AI literacy, and as I’ve keynoted,

PrePrint Story: The urgency of metaphors for AI for Critical #AILiteracy #ChatGPT #AIinEd

This is the story of publishing the preprint of our article: Gupta, A., Atef, Y., Mills, A., Bali, M. (forthcoming). Assistant

Update on Hybrid Citing After Twitter Thread #ChatGPT #OpenAI

UPDATE (I wrote this as an update to my previous blogpost on the topic, but it deserved its own post! So here it is) So I post

Playful #FacDev Consulting

So before I share my story, I have to just admit to my working style. If you don’t know me, you may not know this, but I

Do Teachers Want to Learn About Pedagogy from #facdev Who Teach? Twitter poll result

My Twitter poll shows 77% of 361 respondents think it is very important that faculty developers who offer workshops teach

Prayer, soft deadlines and makeups

Watching my daughter learn to make daily prayer a habit has inspired my to think about the power of soft deadlines and makeups

Beauty Where No One Expects It

My daughter teaches and inspires me every day. I noticed that she writes on the drawstrings of her school uniform – she

Join the Teach-In #AgainstSurveillance Dec 1st

Today at 6pm UTC join the Teach-In #AgainstSurveillance to support Ian Linkletter – to donate, register, and find out mo

Our COVID-19 Affective Card Game

This is more of a parenting post, because I want to remember this thing my kid and I invented during the pandemic. We got kind

Making the Most of Professional Development Online During COVID-19 (3 parts)

If you’re like me, with an unquenchable thirst for learning, you’re probably spreading yourself thin with professi