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My #tvsz #chorus

Estimated reading time: 0 minutes, 49 seconds

I love that my idea of a third species has been taken into consideration – new #tvsz rules here



So here is my contribution to the #chorus, which I assume can include my own poetry as well as 4 other players for a total of at least 10 lines for 5 players…

From Jim Stauffer, and inspiring peace-loving zombie who’s been collaborating with me whatever our species status 🙂 We are double-agents:

But other zombies are more brain-hungry:

As humans try to avoid the new #swarm rule:

And two of my own:

And finally (I’m getting my poetry mojo back – been years since I’ve written poetry!)


Thank you thank you thank you #tvsz for creating this new opportunity – I may never stop writing poetry again 🙂


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