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If It Offends You…

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If it offends you
That I want a place
In this world

Well I am sorry
But you
Have been taking up space
Suffocating me
And mine

If it offends you
That I want it all
That I dream
That I could have it all
Then tough
Because my dreams are mine
And mine alone

If it offends you
That I do things differently
That I would jump off a stage
Sit on the floor
Challenge your paradigm
Then tough
You never let me into your world anyway

If it offends you
My resistance
My language
That you do not understand
Then I am sorry
I was just trying to have a voice

It it offends you
That someone wants to listen to me
To talk to me
That I am loud
Then I am sorry
I was just trying to breathe

If it offends you
I never meant to
Do you care at all
That you may offend me?

Because I care
But I am just trying to be

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