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Our COVID-19 Affective Card Game

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This is more of a parenting post, because I want to remember this thing my kid and I invented during the pandemic. We got kinda sick of all the board games and card games, and we wanted to invent a new one.

Here is how it goes. My memory is kinda,vague but it’s the idea, which you can hack, if you have the kind of child who is like mine and is physically affectionate.

You use the entire deck of cards. Each player draws a card.

  • If you draw a heart/number♥️, you give the other player as many kisses as the number. So 5 of hearts = 5 kisses
  • If you draw spades/number ♠️, you give the other player as many hugs as the number, moving between sides
  • If you draw a diamonds/number ♦️ you cuddle for number of seconds of the number. So 7 of diamonds = 7 second cuddle
  • If you draw clubs/number ♣️, you tickle the other player the number of times 😀
  • If you draw a Jack of any kind, you play a round of 21
  • If you draw a King of any kind, you play a round of 31
  • If you draw a Queen of any kind, you play a storytelling game, where each person pulls out 4 cards and makes up a story that relates to the cards in some way (e.g. Jack of hearts, Queen of spades, 4 of diamonds and 3 of clubs.. a story can be that a Knight fell in love with an evil Queen and he gave her four diamonds as a gift then they had 3 kids)

Whenever we play games, we hack them, too, because why not? I don’t know if kids do that a lot together. I remember doing it a bit, but not as often as I do it as an adult w my child. But I like this particular game, because we pretty much made it up from scratch. We also invent our own board games sometimes. When she was younger, I had one where if you stop at a blue square you take a sip of water, a pink square you kiss someone, a green square you sing and.. I can’t remember what you did on the yellow squares now!

I wonder what kinds of games ppl invent with their kids, card games or otherwise.

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