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Let’s Talk About Timezones

They change 

For some places

Not all places

Not at the same time

Not in the same way

Not consistently

Not every year 

Ignore automation 

Some software or app will get it wrong some time. Occasionally half the time.

Some person or other will mess it up. Some day. Or every day.

So here’s a tip. Or several 

  1. No. You don’t know for sure what time it is in Egypt during summer. Because some years we do daylight savings and some we don’t. Even worse? Some years we switch between daylight and standard time multiple times over summer. You can’t top that! And believe it or not there’s a logical explanation for it but I can’t get into it
  2. There is a difference between EDT and EST. Please don’t say EST during daylight savings coz that’s a different time
  3. Can you please remember that GMT is not equal to BST during summer?
  4. Can you please remember that different countries change the clock different weeks? Some not at all?
  5. Never ever take timezones for granted. I live on 4 timezones (Autumm’s Eastern, Rebecca is Pacific, UK time and Cairo time) and I still manage to mess up on occasion. As often as once a month. Once for an entire conference. Because software never consistently gets it right. People consistently get it wrong or they forget to SAY the zone

Bas keda

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