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Open & Stuff – Roundup of a day of #SelfOER, #OpenEd16 & Digital Literacies

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I had a very productive online day… probably more than usual. And more than I can fully reflect on right now, but I’ve still got a lot to share. With a sidenote of timezone confusion ๐Ÿ™‚ But let’s not get into that

Autumm Caines, Lee Skallerup Bessette and I published On Digital Literaciesย on Prof Hacker, a critique of the recent NMC Strategic brief on Digital Literacy. This went live at 8am EDT/1200GMT

Then at 1300 GMT, I co-presented with Suzan Koseoglu via GO-GN on Self as OER. We adapted our 15-min OER16 presentation to a full-hour, interactive discussion with a graduate student audience. Here’s the YouTube video:

Here’s one of my favorite tweets during the session from Debbie Baff:

Later in the day, there were multiple vconnecting sessions at #OpenEd16. I couldn’t attend all of them (all before my daughter’s bedtime) and some I just said hi and talked for a few mins then left, others I said hi before we went live then left… but all day backchanneling to invite virtual participants into sessions and help out in the background with the setup of everything. What was most special for me today is George Station bringing his classroom virtually into a session and the discussion that ensued from that :)) You can watch all the #OpenEd16 Vconnecting sessions hereย – let us know if you’re interested in participating virtually in any of the sessions. There are still a few spaces in some of them.

oh.. and last night… this lovely townhall at UMW DTLT on Ethical Online Learning with wonderful panelists Kate Bowles, Liz Losh, Alan Levine, Sean Morris and moderated by Jesse Stommel – digital heaven ๐Ÿ™‚ Loved the format and the presentation and the fact that it was livestreamed and the participants were cognizant of the virtual audience.

Unfortunately I missed Gardner Campbell’s keynote at OpenEd16 (because I was presenting the Self OER thing) but I’m told this Periscoped link from Robin DeRosa should point to an archived link:

What a day. And that’s not counting what I did in the morning at work or in between all this stuff with family and my commute and stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

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