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Obnoxiously Funny


Person: you’re obnoxious
Me: what? Why? What’d I do?
Person: you’re laughing at a serious matter
Me: wait, I am not laughing. What serious matter?
Person: yes you are laughing
Me: hang on, you can’t see or hear me. How could you be sure I am laughing?
Person: you said “it” was funny, you sent me resources on it. How condescending and insensitive
Me: i said it was funny meaning “interesting” in one instance and “strange” in another instance. If i recall. I was multitasking so wasn’t putting a lot of thought into every single word. But “funny” takes up less space than “interesting”. Also why i use “gr8” more often than “awesome”…
Person: you’re changing the subject
Me: not really, but ok. About those resources
Person: condescending
Me: you started! I didn’t call you condescending. I assumed the best of intentions. That you just wanted to be clear, so i wanted to share resources i liked, too. Not to educate in a condescending way, but in what I thought was a spirit of sharing.
Person: harumph
Me: why are you mad?
Person: you’re calling me crazy now?
Me: nooooo i am calling you angry.
Me: you know we are operating across 6 cultures here, right?
Person: (silence)
Me: I am sorry I offended you. I truly didn’t mean to. Shall I shut up now?
Person: good idea
Me: you do know you said you wanted me to die, right?
Person: who? Me? When? How?
Me: exactly.


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