In the Space of a Public Hangout

Yesterday I felt great during and after what I consider to be one of the most valuable and enioyable hangouts I have ever help

Re-Thinking Puzzles: a postmodern view

Simon Ensor tweeted us a challenge to blog about an image #blimage And this was the image   My 4 year old isn’t a h

Listening slowly, A+ and Social Media

We all know some people talk too fast (or slow) but is it possible to listen too slowly? When I was an undergrad, I had the pr

Learning with Passion, and a Social Justice View

I just listened to an awesome TTT hangout and read two great articles, and have some ideas i wanna implementing my class and n

Obnoxiously Funny

Person: you’re obnoxious Me: what? Why? What’d I do? Person: you’re laughing at a serious matter Me: wait, I

Symbolism, Interpretation, and Media

Rambling post ahead. So Simon Ensor recorded something on audio, about needing audio as a break from  imagery in #clmooc,

Participatory Emergent Inclusion? And #techquity

So… Following on from y/day’s (well technically, this morning’s) post on the inevitability of exclusion̷

Inevitable Exclusion – symbols, hashtags, and networked spaces

Exclusion is not always intentional. Exclusion is not always a choice. But it is almost always inevitable. Bear with me on wha

Different Untroductions

Been struggling to find time during Ramadan and lots of other commitments to post my untroduction to #clmooc so I thought I mi

Cultural Hybridity or Confusion?

On the surface, there is no reason for my child to grow up culutrally confused or hybrid (I am not suggesting hybridity equate