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Join Us for #UnboundEq Twitter Scavenger Hunts – Sept 17 & 20

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If you only have time to participate in a one-hour fun intercultural learning experience, and make my students *very* happy… It’s time for another Twitter Scavenger Hunt fun connecting 🙂 This semester, I’m doing it as part of Equity Unbound (an equity-focused open connected intercultural learning experience I’m co-facilitating with Catherine Cronin and Mia Zamora – across our classes but also openly for any other educators or students to join in).

We have included the description of the hunt activities here and will be using the #unboundeq hashtag as part of the conversation also.

Mine is up first, Monday, September 17 at 10am Cairo (8 GMT, 9 BST), Mia’s at 5pm EDT and Catherine’s on Thursday Sept 20. Timezone conversions for all of these can be found here. I’m happy we are doing several of these because it means that folks who miss out on mine can join another one (including my own students who miss class that day!)

Header image: fish and corrals in the red sea, taken by me in Sharm El Sheikh, this summer.

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