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Reflection on using @Mozilla Internet Health Report in Class

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I wrote earlier about my plan to use Mozilla Internet Health Report in class (my digital literacies class I am using with #unboundeq) and today I saw the first fruits of that.

Why did I use it?

  1. Students in previous semesters asked to have more opportunities to present so i wanted to do one early in the semester before students’ time gets tight
  2. Doing group work early in a semester helps build community so I made it a group presentation
  3. The report touches on many issues I care about and with accessible articles grouped by topic.
  4. Students could choose topics of interest to them
  5. I felt doing it early in the semester would give us leeway for students interested in certain topics to pursue them further later on

How Did I Use It?

  1. Students, in teams of their choice, picked one of the topics on the report.
  2. I picked one article I really liked from the list, which each group MUST read and present on, and they had to choose additional articles from the topic they chose (one additional article per team member)
  3. As a group they needed to present an overview of the topic, explanation of each of the articles, and to make their presentation interactive and fun for others. Larger groups were allocated more time because they had more articles to present.
  4. If students wanted to add more material, they could

How Did It Go?

Overall it went really well. I personally enjoyed it. I learned. I felt other students in class learned (though maybe some were more engaged than others…)

The presentations were informative and relatively interactive, though sometimes I had to stop a presenter to check the class understood terms like bitcoin and internet of things. When presenters were unsure, we all searched the terms. I felt like it was a low-stress type of environment (in the past, students would get intimidated when i asked questions during their presentations).

I really liked the activities students did to make their presentations interactive. Some were just discussion starters and they were pretty good, and one was a cool activity with chocolates and notes. Really creative stuff.

Today’s groups talked about privacy and decentralization.

I felt a few points for improvement were

  • Some of the students in the audience (esp girls) seemed less engaged with the topics
  • Some of the presenters did not go too deeply into the topics..probably they did not understand them enough to present them clearly
  • Students still did not put references/citations but that is on me to make clear in future
  • Some slides had huge amounts of text from screenshots which is a weird way to present imho

But overall I really liked the outcome of this new approach and I plan to do something like it again inshallah

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