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Finding a comment I made: Why blog syndication for MOOCs is cool

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Right, so it was one of those days when I wish I had already started testing Known. Because i was going CRAZY trying to remember whose blog it was that had a comment with links I wanted to follow up on. Yes, i know, i need to get better with my curation options, find one, stick to it, use it regularly. One that works great on iPad, android and laptop, and offers sharing and privacy options, highlighting and commenting, and has others on it that i can share with. Works online/offline. (I am sure one of them does all this, i just need to figure out which).

But I am not there yet, ok? And I really wanted to find that comment and those links.

So first, i searched my email in case I had signed up for notifications from that person’s blog. No takers. Then I searched my wordpress comment subscriptions, not there (the no email should have been a hint, but u never know). Then i googled* “how do i find comments i made on another wordpress blog?” and i got that you can do so from the reader, but it seems to have a myopic memory; could not get stuff older than 5 days (or my iPad was having a bad day). And unfortunately it seems I did not follow that person’s blog. The name was not coming to me. Except that it was a guy on #ccourses [besides had it been a non-wordpress blog, this would have been harder]

And then it hit me. It was a person on #ccourses which means I got the link to his blog originally from their page that syndicates all the stuff. It’s been days, so that particular post was not there but I checked out the list of syndicated blogs and, thankfully (not too many blogs listed yet), recognized the name of the person I was looking for straight away. Thank God his blog has his name on it, unlike mine (ummm, can i change how that appears?) And voila 🙂 Problem solved 🙂

But really – it should be easier to find a comment that i wrote online, right?

* I almost tweeted the question but I realized it might be faster to google it first since it was not an unreasonable question!

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