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Please give feedback on my students’ empathy projects


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So this semester , because of COVID-19, I modified my empathy project requirements in 2 ways

A. They could do a poem from multiple perspectives or semi-fictional story or video instead of a game if they wanted

B. They could choose a COVID-19 topic to research and make the focus of the empathy project.

The research done here is light and not extensive. And these are first drafts, so may be missing some dimensions. If you have time to give feedback, please leave comments on my students’ blogs

Spread Joy (on community service) by Sarah. Play it several times with different choices so you can experience it fully.

What kind of elderly person are you during COVID-19? by Salma (this is currently short but I think there is enough in there to warrant feedback to help her develop it furtuer)

Two-way Road Trip (poem from point of view of two friends, one introvert, one extrovert) by Sara and Iman

Life of a Student in Quarantine by Amir and Omar

Passion: follow character’s life by Salma

Panic Shopping by Nardine

Please Stop This Horrendous…. (video about pets and coronavirus rumors) by Dana and Haidi. Get your tissuebox ready!

Draft scenarios (not yet a playable game) of Living through COVID-19 by Omar and Randa

COVID-19 During and After by Abdullah and Eslam

RAMADAN during COVID-19 by Omar and Lama

When students yesterday crowdsourced what makes a good empathy game/story/movie/poem they came up with:

A good empathy game is/has

  1. interactive  
  2.  Relatable scenarios scenarios/cases 
  3.  A clear message 
  4.  Interesting and have a clear goal
  5. Precise. Focuses on details.
  6. Realistic based on evidence
  7. Allows the player to discover things about him/herself which he/she never paid attention to before.
  8. Have a conclusive aspect or an aspect that ties everything together for the player
  9. entertaining

A good empathy poem is/has

  1.  Gets deep into the emotions
  2.   Interesting to read
  3.   Delivering a clear message 
  4.  Word choice  

A good empathy fictional story is/has

  1. It is a story which makes the reader develop feelings towards it 

A good empathy video is/has

  1. Suitable music and lightning etc..
  2. Can disconnect the audience from their current present for time being while video is playing


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